Three for two six ate

Since we decided to forgo a weekend journey to Niagara Falls, I decided to treat myself to a foodie dinner in Ottawa Saturday. After reading the reviews and scouring the internet, I decided it was time to try two six ate on Preston street. Since they are only open during the evening, we decided to go at 4:30PM just after opening time.

We were seated by the front window so we could people watch while we dined. This was during World Cup and so there were very few people as this restaurant has no patio or TV.

My husband decided to have the sampler of beer…most of which were different varieties of Beau’s beer. Strangely, I liked the wheat beer the best.

The specials that day were ox tail blood ravioli stuffed with homemade ricotta in an asparagus cream sauce with garlic scapes. The other special was the smoked meat sandwich(note the meat was cured in house) on homemade rye cheese bun with grilled fennel.

We decided on the 2 specials and my son had to order the chicken confit poutine. We also had the surf and turf (the grilled calamari with grilled sausage). My husband was hungry so he also ordered the foie gras burger.

None of the plates were very large…I would say my sandwich with fries would be considered a normal plate. The ravoli plate had 4 raviolis 2.5 inches wide. The foie burger was a four ounce burger (hand ground) with a fair size portion of foie gras. The surf and turf was a 6 inch tube of squid sliced into rounds with a sausage cut into 4 pieces. The poutine was a bowl of hand cut fries with homemade chicken gravy, fresh curds and a flatten chicken thigh that was deep fried.

The two best dishes were the poutine and the smoked meat sandwich. The smoked meat had beautiful flavour and melt in your mouth texture. The bun had chew but was still soft to complement the meat.

If you go, and you are a peanut butter fan, you must order “THE DESSERT”. This place is famous for their signature dessert which is peanut butter and jam sandwich that is deep fried with homemade ice cream to accompany it. It was like a hot peanut butter and jam donut where the peanut butter oozes in your mouth.

All in all a great culinary experience.

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