Good surry eats in Sydney

So here I am staying at a Airbnb in Sydney Australia in Surrey Hills. This region of Sydney is near the CBD near downtown. Apparently (unbeknownst to me when we booked the place) this is a region for foodies. :). After a 14 hour flight from Vancouver and what seemed to be a long taxi ride from the airport, we needed food.

We decided to walk and found Ramen Zundo in World Square off George Street for lunch. The soup broth was amazing. The price was very good at around 12 AUD.

Being in Australia, the price for tea is like the price for tea in Hong Kong…expensive…A cup of tea is around 4 AUD. Don’t order a cappuccino as they put in other stuff in it in addition to espresso and milk…so instead always order a flat white which is like a Canadian cappuccino. Food and drink here is very expensive.

For dinner, we went to Porteno on Holt Street which was only a couple of blocks away from our Airbnb. Small plates. We only had 2 meat, 1 veggie and 1 entree and dessert. They do an animal of the day which is slow roasted for 8 hours. The animal of our evening was lamb; very tender with. We also had the wagyu beef with chimichurri which melted in your mouth. The vegetable dish was brussel sprouts deep fried with lentils with a balsamic dressing. The entree was a mild cheese melted in a skillet seasoned with some spices which went very well with the bread. The service was top notch. The dessert was a semifreddo done in a ball with studded with nuts.

The Surry Hills area reminds me of Yorkdale in Toronto with many little restaurants and shops…lots of vintage clothes shops.

Porteno animal

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