Gone with the wind; RIP Passat

It was supposed to be a culinary day trip to Montreal on the Saturday of the Labour day weekend. We had planned to visit the Biodome in the morning, grab some bagels at Fairmount and visit the foodie fair at the port of Montreal.

However, a piece of metal decided that was not the plan. As we were driving on the 40 Ouest we encountered a piece of metal (like those metal plates…must have fallen off construction truck) that two cars in front of us had hit with their tires…unfortunately, the last car (car in front of us) hit it such that it propelled the metal up and thereby hitting our car around the bottom of the grill…well you can imagine that this metal plate sliced the bottom of the car…oil pan, radiator, air conditioner, belt and hoses…Luckily it was low enough that it didn’t hit the air bag sensor so we were able to slowly glide to a stop off the side of the highway.

Another lucky thing is that the policeman pulled up behind us less than 5 minutes after we stopped and said he saw the whole thing and would write it up as an accident.

We were in Pointe Claire and so our car was towed to the nearest open garage which was a former Speedy. We were only a few blocks away from FairView Mall. After calling the insurance, and my brother who was nice enough to come to pick us up at the Mall, we headed to the mall.

Now for the fun…it took 3 calls to have our claim properly entered in the system. We looked up the value of our car…3-5 thousand maybe. So when my brother showed up we decided to go back to the car and take everything with us as we were sure it would be a write off.

The first estimate, the garage did was 7000. The insurance company didn’t like that estimate and wanted a more thorough estimate and with used parts. Well let’s just say that the insurance company decided to have an adjuster come out and look at the car. Problem 1…our company has no adjusters in Quebec so it hires a 3rd party adjuster to do the work. Problem2…guy that was hired “doesn’t work with certain garages” and so after 4 days (since that guy didn’t actually say anything until we called to get the insurance company to inquire) (our car is still on the hoist in the garage)…the insurance company gets a different guy. Now it takes the 3rd party company another 4 days to assign it to someone who finally visited the garage. Now the adjuster after 4 days has not filed his report.

Apparently, Quebec adjusters are special and work on their own time. I’m hoping that this gets resolved by the end of next week. Needless to say I’m not a happy camper. Of course, we phoned the claims office nearly every other day and finally they gave us a handler…however the handler is not a very responsive guy. He never seems to call back unless we sic our agent on him.

Meanwhile during this time, we decide to find a new car…which we did…a 2014 golf wagon TDI with only 15000 km…it was in Toronto but saved us 10000 over buying a new 2015…We took possession 1 day before the VW emission scandal broke out.

I don’t regret it so far, the car drives amazing and is quiet and corners well. We upgraded from the plain Passat to the leather seats and panoramic sunroof Golf. The comfort level is nice. I didn’t buy it for the emissions..I bought it for the drive and fuel economy. Maybe we’ll get some money out of this from VW :) Who knows.

Looking back, we’ve owned 2 Passats and each one died a horrible death..first one was a collision with a deer and this last one was a collision with metal. Hopefully this new golf gets to age gracefully.

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