Savoy n’est pas Sauve

It was a beautiful Sunday for a bike ride with the family on the Western Parkway. Being his first ride of the season, my son was getting bicycle butt by the time we got to Westboro. Ok, he was hungry and needing food too. We decided to do breakfast at a new place. So we decided to try Savoy.This is a new restaurant at the corner of Churchill and Richmond where the Newport used to be.
The food was ok; nothing special but the prices were ridiculously high. A normal 2 egg breakfast was 11 dollars and that did not include coffee or tea. The coffee or tea was a whopping 3 dollars. So an ordinary breakfast of eggs and bacon with coffee is 14 dollars.
The best part of the plate was the potatoes but even then that didn’t justify the price. My bacon came just cooked and I sent it back to be crisped up.

The eggs benedicts that were ordered looked fine; eggs poached soft; hollandaise sauce made from scratch…you could tell because it was broken. I could taste the butter but sauce served was separating. Pricing is very strange with the ham version being priced the same as the smoked salmon version at 15 dollars. Again extremely high price for what you got.

Recommendation…if you are planning to spend that much for breakfast, go to Gezellig across the street where the food costs the same but the ingredients and prep are of higher quality. Even the tea is better (david’s loose leaf tea versus Higgins Burke bagged tea).

In comparison 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having breakfast at Jak’s kitchen. That was a treat. The prices were a little high but you got local sourced ingredients with interesting combinations and preparation. The egg sandwiches were very good…but I had the eggs bene with spinach. The hollandaise sauce had a bite to it but was very tasty…The menu did mention that it was not traditional.

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