Arena in Erina

Terrigal NSW Australia is a oceanside resort town about 1 hour north of Sydney. This is where we stayed while curling at the Pacific Asian Championships. The Crowne Plaza is a lovely hotel which overlooks the beach/ocean. There is basically 2 blocks of retail/restaurants. We tried the fish and chips place, the Thai place, the breakfast/lunch cafe, the italian place, the steak chain restaurant and the chinese/malaysian takeout place.

How good were the restaurants? I don’t believe I had anything that was outstanding. As a summer resort town, I found the prices a bit high and the food reasonable.

Erina is where we were curling which was 15 – 20 min from Terrigal. The arena is attached to the Erina Fair Shopping Mall. We had lunches in the food court there. Again, nothing too noteworthy except that for food court food, the food was pretty good for around 10-12AUD. Interesting that there are many asian food stands compared to typical canadian mall food courts…malaysian, thai, ramen, asian dumplings, sushi. At around 4:30PM, you can get some good deals on the food that was left over at the asian stands. The best thing I found was Pie in the Sky pie shop that was about a 10 minute walk from the mall. There you could find the best Australian pies. The fillings were full of chunks of meat. There were huge number of choices for pies. The pastry was flakey and the prices were 5AUD to 6AUD. A very good lunch.

A couple of observations about food in Australia. Tea costs the same as coffee around 4-4.50AUD. You are better off buying tea in the grocery store and making it in your hotel room. The ChaiTime bubble tea prices are the same as here so might as well indulge if you are buying tea anyway. :) A regular coffee costs the same as a flat white. Baked goods are expensive so think again that a coffee and a muffin is a cheap breakfast; not when a muffin costs 3 AUD at the grocery store.

Cheap eats in Australia are schnitzel, bacon and egg roll, fish and chips, australian meat pies. Avocado is very popular as a breakfast item; avocado on toast. I had a lovely breakfast of  salad of avocado, tomato, feta cheese on toast topped with a poached egg.

Coles and Woolworths are the main supermarkets. Milk and cheese seem fattier here; must be the different cows. :)



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