Mello on Canada Day

The family had to do a bit of the tourist thing on Canada Day. We ended up on Wellington Street just on the west side of Parliament and that is where we found the Merry Dairy Food Truck. My son had the vanilla custard cone with strawberry sauce in middle of the frozen custard. I was very surprised by the price..being on Canada Day and on Wellington St….his cone was only 4.50 which is very reasonable.

Note to self, do not try to walk on Wellington right at Metcalfe on Canada Day…it is crowded!!! Better off back tracking and going to Sparks to get to the Market. Of course when we emerged from Sparks onto Elgin, we discover that the War Monument is fenced in for repairs so we had to walk around that to get to Rideau.
We had walked a long way and it was hot so we were looking for a place air conditioned and simple for some food. My son wanted a simple burger. We were surrounded by loud party patios with overpriced food.

We walked a bit and then I spotted Mello’s diner. They had a llimited menu for lunch. We ordered the bacon cheese burger and the club. The bacon cheese burger was on texas toast with the cheese melted into the bread (like a grilled cheese) garnished with tomato lettuce and special sauce (ok so my son had lettuce and special sauce only). The club was really a grilled mediteranean chicken sandwich with mayo bacon and lettuce with the bread toasted on the grill. The sandwiches were very filling and not overpriced at all.
This first experience at Mellos has me wanting to go back someday to try their breakfast and normal lunch menu.

Yes, we were very satisfied customers!

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