Ramen, You’re Late!!

After a Thursday evening visit to the Museum of Nature with my son (free night), we decided to sample some new culinary delights on Elgin Street.  On the north end of Elgin, a new Japanese/asian restaurant opened called Ginza Ramen which from reading the reviews have amazing ramen dishes.

We arrived at 6:45PM at the restaurant that had 2 tables occupied. Then a couple of people came in to order take out and finally we ordered gyzoa, chicken wing yakatori, beef yakatori, miso ramen and the vermicelli mixed grill.

So how long do you think it takes to make ramen? How about 45 minutes…my ramen dish came first…the broth was amazing with that unami taste  and the ramen noodles were fresh tasting.  By the time I finished my noodles, we got our first appetizer, the chicken wing yakatori…basically a flatten chicken wing with one bone removed grilled on a skewer. Tasty but nothing to write home about…then we finally got the beef yakatori and the gyzoa. My son gobbled up the last two appetizers (because he waited soooo long and was sooo hungry). We were nearly finished the appetizers when finally my husband’s vermicelli showed up.

So the waitress says that the wait was long because there was a flurry of take out orders…I saw three ahead of us…not really sure what was happening in the kitchen because the ladies that were seated beside us at 7:30PM got their orders pronto…they finished their appetizers and were half way through their main course of pho when we left. We left at around 8PM.

Food was not bad…good ramen but the service definitely is spotty and the kitchen needs to put their in house patrons ahead of the takeout.

(Note that the owner sent me an email and apologized for the service and invited us to try again on the house.)

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