Pressed Again

Our friends and I were looking to go to Hang Ten on Gladstone for lunch last weekend. When we got there, the sign was off and a for lease/sale sign was up…another failed restaurant. So we decided to go down the road a bit and have lunch at Pressed.

This time I avoided the waffle as I wasn’t too hungry…instead I got the smoked Trout “pressed” sandwich. My son got the waffle with smoked bacon, apple and cheddar and my husband got the eggs benedict waffle.

My sandwich was very tasty,,,the avocado and flavoured mayo had great flavour balance with the smokiness of the trout. The waffles are very much improved from the last visit where they were crispier and lighter in texture. However, the egg benedict were still not up to par as the egg was medium and there was a distinct vinegar flavour in the egg and the hollandaise sauce had too much lemon juice.

They now offer loose leaf tea…but again nothing exotic.

Overall the experience was much better than the last visit as the food seems to be improving.

After visiting the maker fair, we decided later that evening to venture out and have dinner at Zazaza pizza in the Glebe. This place was hopping….as we walked by many other restaurants that evening on Bank Street…it seemed to be one of the few that was full.

The pizzas served were thin crust…wheat or white. Exotic combinations. Five different pizzas were ordered and they all were very flavourful…(I couldn’t pick out a favourite as they were all unique and good in their own way). My only gripe is that I felt the pricing was a bit high for a personal thin crust pizza…all around $16.

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