Smothered Butter

I had the opportunity to try the restaurant Burnt Butter in Hintonburg with a couple of girlfriends. The restaurant is a small bistro with a wall of windows that serves italian bistro food. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and personable.
The bread was brought with a small dish of tomato concasse instead of butter or olive oil. The concasse was very sweet and fresh tasting.

The beer selection is a small list of different microbewery beer in the bottle.

I ordered the gazpacho (cactus pear, cantaloupe, tomato)…Unfortunately, the tomato was the overpowering taste with a bit of sweetness from the fruit. It was real cantaloupe because I found a seed in my soup.

My main course was the chicken rotolo…Pasta sheets rolled up with chicken and asparagus. I found that this dish was very underseasoned. I could taste the chicken flavour and it was real chicken as I found a piece of bone in the coarse ground chicken filling but there was no spicing…I found it bland. The tomato sauce could have had much more flavouring too. I also noticed that salt and pepper was missing from the table.

My companions had the beef meatball pasta dish which she found that the meatball was dry. My very pregnant companion had ordered the pork chop. It was thick but had to be sent back as it was undercooked. It took quite a long time for the kitchen cook it right as it finally came back when I was more than half done my dish.

There was only one wait person…as the restaurant filled, it seemed the waiter was a little overwhelmed as it took quite a while for us to send back the undercooked pork and for him to return with fresh pepper and parmesan.

With all the good restaurants in this area, it just did not impress.

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