Flying Panninis

This weekend after a spectacular game of scotch doubles curling, I decided to take the family to the Flying Banzini for a late night dinner. This place is new in Hintonburg (by Holland and Wellington). It does panninis and personal pizzas.

The first thing I was impressed with was the pricing. The sandwiches were generally 8 dollars with a few exceptions. They make there own slow cooked beef and porkcetta. Choice of soft bun or pannini. The panninis looked more interesting as they had more flavour combinations with different dressings and vegetables. The soft bun was a big pile of meat on a bun.

We tried the beef pannini, and a porchetta pannini and the roast chicken pannini (minus the vegetables for my son). Each was extremely flavourful. I wouldn’t say there was a lot of meat in the sandwiches except for my son’s chicken…but there was enough to enjoy the flavours…I think in the beef and the porchetta, there could have been a bit more meat in them.

For dessert, we chose to get an assortment of 6 mini cheesecakes for $10…this way you get one free as they are priced at 2 dollars a piece. My husband and son loved them. The salted caramel chocolate was my son’s favourite and the espresso was my husband’s favourite.

They just got their liquour licence so there is a small selection of bottled beer and wine. There is also a small selection of loose leaf tea from Nectar teas. Hopefully they decide to add an espresso machine.

I was very impressed with the food and the pricing…definitely planning on returning to try another menu selection.

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