Smokeless Scotties

So after a disappointing zone mixed playdown that went into the wee hours of Sunday morning, the family decided to go to Montreal for a couple of games at the Scotties. A considerable amount of snow had come down the night before so we were delayed in leaving and so we didn’t make it to the Maurice Richard arena until after 10:20AM. There was little traffic in Montreal as the city was still digging out from the snowfall. There was no point in paying 25 dollars each for the morning draw when to see half a game.

The “patch” is a gymnasium across the parking lot. The giftshop did not open until 11AM. So we decided to grab and early lunch at Schwartz and get bagels at Fairmount. Because of the snowfall, there was choice of seating at Schwartz. It is amazing the number of visits to Montreal and I’ve never been to Schwartz for smoked meat sandwiches. The sandwiches were really good. The smoked meat melted in your mouth. The fries were hot and crispy. Definitely worthwhile. We then decided to buy some for home and they do takeout in the shop beside and they also have the meat in a seal package that you put in boiling water for 5 minutes and open and serve. Of course, we were close to Fairmount bagelshop so we stopped by and got some fresh hot bagels to munch on.

The curling at the Scotties was great but the venue was not up to snuff. The arena was dry and the only food was Subway with cold 6 inch subs and drinks. There was no hot food…no fries, no poutine. Very disappointing. The arena is by the Olympic Stadium and well that area was not very well stocked with restaurants within walking distance. You needed to take the metro somewhere to get some real food. Watching a 3 hour curling game with very little food and munchie choice was not a great idea.

After the afternoon game we decided to go have dinner somewhere in Montreal suburbia; off rue de Sources, we found an Italian restaurant. Service was good, food was filling and they had big screen tvs in their bar area for the football game.

I’d pick Kingston over Montreal for the Scotties any day.

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