Triple Play Weekend

This weekend was an unplanned weekend of food where the only planned thing was going to the Asian night market. Originally, I wanted to go to the ball game and then to the night market Friday night but weather squashed that plan as it rained so much that we decided to go see AntMan on opening night.

Ant Man did not disappoint as it had humour, action, special effects and a very slight bit of romance. I highly recommend the movie as does my son.

So Saturday noon we decided to venture to the night market as it opened at noon. Well going early was a good idea. The food stalls were placed along the foot path between the Cattle Castle and the gardens….Bad choice as there was very little room for 2 way traffic and people lined up waiting for food from the food stalls. I was hoping for more variety but most were selling BBQ skewers of some kind. There were 2 drink places, a Taiwainese hot pot soup place, oyster omelete place, a Phillipine stall, Merry Dairy, Souvlaki food truck (for the non adventurous) and Peruvian/asian food truck and of course the stinky tofu place.

Unfortunately for Merry Dairy, they were just down wind of the stinky tofu place and did it ever stink… the stinky tofu was deep fried and my mom says that the taste is very good and no at all like the stink.

The biggest lines were for several of the BBQ skewer places. One which had this amazing octopus skewers with 4 octopi bbq on a skewer however, the line for that stall was slow and long…they had too many options and not enough BBQ space to keep up with demand. Beside them was another BBQ place that was quick and only offered lamb…very good and very efficient…less than 5 min wait. 3 skewers for 5 dollars.

Some of the stalls were just not prepared for the number of people as it took 15 minutes for me to get my Taiwan hotpot and there was only 4 people in front of me….the soup was prepared…all they had to do was cook the veggies and meat …instead of taking multiple orders, each bowl was prepared separately.

Merry Dairy had this black sesame seed ice cream which was really interesting…sweet roasted flavour with a hint of vanilla.

As we were leaving the lines seemed to get longer and longer.

That night we were headed to the Ottawa Champions ball game. I thought the start time was 7:05 but the previous game was rained out so they had a double header starting at 5 …Oh well, we were 1 hour late…but it was a slow game (lots of runs by the Quebec team( so we were there by the 4th inning. This is an inexpensive outing…12 dollars for adults and 5 for kids. I also had a 2 for 1 coupon that made this a 17 dollar venture with 5 dollars for parking…still cheaper than the movie night and because it was a doubleheader we got 16 innings…the second game was a 7 inning game (I guess that is how they do doubleheaders in the Can Am league)

Now about the beer and food at the stadium…craft beer from ClockTower and Kichissippi and Coors Light for the non-initiated. There was also fresh lemonade and can you believe this…Tequila Gold shots. The lemonade was more expensive than the shots…5 for the lemonade and 3.50 for the shots.
The beer was 5.25 for a small and 7.50 for a large. Not bad for a stadium.

There was a poutine booth that you could get smoked meat poutine for 8.50 and the poutine was pretty good. I also tried the onion rings for 5.25 which were a little greasy but crispy.

All in all a very relaxing time where the seats were general admission meaning you could sit anywhere you wanted and it was great to be able to see and hear all the players.

On Sunday my parents had invited us to dim sum at Bejing Legend. It is a place on Bank Street with parking. The dim sum is cart service. The Har Gow and the Shrimp Sui Mai are large and tasty. I also recommend the cuttlefish and the BBQ pork buns. The rice noodle rolls filled with shrimp or beef are very good…the wrappings are done well; very tender. Don’t go for the sticky rice as it is mostly rice. We also ordered a dish of dry fried beef rice noodle which was very good and had lots of bean sprout and beef.

All in all a weekend of too much good food.

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