Geronimo ! Lets go.

So what do you do when in Kemptville watching your child curl. In between games, I decided to sample some local establishments. One such place is Geronimo which is an indie cafe which is only half a kilometer away from the curling club on Prescott St.The cafe uses Equator coffee and makes a smooth and flavourful latte. There is a small selection of loose leaf tea; green, darjeeling, earl grey, camomille, and other herbals. They also offer breakfast and sandwiches for lunch and some nice looking scones and muffins (none of which I tried). It is nice to be able to get a good coffee/tea that’s not a Timmies or McDonald’s in a small town.

Another gem in Kemptville is Graham’s Bakery. It is in the back of an old house; again close to the downtown area. They make the most amazing apple fritters and filled donuts. The apple fritters are crisp with lots of apple. The lemon filled donuts are to die for…the crispy outside with the soft inside and a tart lemon curd. Way better than Tim Horton’s. They also make apple turnovers and raspberry turnovers which are very good (better than the now defunct Richmond Bakery).

Unfortunately, the bonspiel ended at 3 so we didn’t get to go to The Branch for dinner (another culinary gem). I tried The Branch for dinner in November…it is an upscale smokehouse. The chicken platter was very good.

Note my child’s team came in second in the spiel and boy was it tough being behind the glass watching.

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