Four Peas (Day 3)

The next day we had an uphill ride to Val David. It was still hot as hell but at least it was cloudy that morning. The ride from Tremblant to St. Jovite was flat but there was one intersection that the path crosses that was extremely busy with fast (80km/hr) traffic that was a only a cross walk. I had enough traffic to warrant a light. Scary as you had to make sure that the cars were going to stop for you. We rode to Saint Faustin where we stopped at this little cafe that was just off the trail just before the train station at Saint Faustin. We had very nice thin pizza for lunch as it was raining outside. By the time we were done, so was the rain.

The second half of the ride was very hot as the sun peaked out from behind the clouds. We stopped at the Formagerie Mount Tremblant for ice cream/gelato and picked up bags of fresh cheese curds…there was a sign on the path where you had to ride up a dirt path hill to the parking lot of the cheese store.

When we finally made it to Val David, we got lost trying to find our B&B as it was supposed to be the Microbrasserie le Baril Roulant…well what happened is that the pub and restaurant is on the main street but the owners had just bought and were renovating a place that was just off the path a block before the train station. Unfortunately, the new place still had the old name and we did not know the old name…So we did a tour of Val David trying to find the place. Interesting place as they are on a hill across from a beautiful park looking out the river and rapids.

After cleaning up, we walked to the Microbrasserie to get a brew and decide where to go for dinner. The list of beer was very extensive. As we were discussing where to go, the rain clouds burst which made ourĀ  decision quite simple..we stayed at the pub for dinner. Interesting menu. The vegetarian curry was very tasty as was the duck confit and bison burger…what was interesting was the poutine with sausage and the beer gravy.



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