Four Peas (Day 2)

It was an even shorter ride on day 2 from Labelle to the old village of Tremblant. After getting settled in our hotel, we decided to bike to the Intrawest village of Tremblant. So hotel clerk mentioned the path by the Mercer Lake was very scenic and not as challenging as the other path…well it was pretty hilly…hilly enough that at spots, my son had to walk the bike up…the weather was hot and humid even for Tremblant…but we all made it there. Interesting note about the number of people running and cycling on the paths…I believe many were training for the triatholon happening later that month. I had forgotten how touristy the village was…packed with lots of tourists, high end shops. We finally made our way to the local brewery restaurant…La Diable and all had a quaff and some munchies. It was interesting that many of the restaurants did not have air conditioning…I guess they just don’t get 38 degree heat in the summer.

We decided that the easiest way back from the new village to the old village was via the roads. Much quicker…less hilly. Our hotel consisted of  2 buildings and one of the buildings had a beach which was beside the public beach on the Mercer Lake. We went for a nice swim after the hot ride to Tremblant and back.

Later that evening we strolled through the old village looking at the different restaurants. There was one interesting place, a library/cafe/wine bar. Interesting concept but they were closing for the evening. We did have a chance to quickly tour about …an open concept  contemporary decorated with the bar/kitchen on the main floor and the reading room in the lower level that walked out to a garden.

We settled for this french restaurant (Milly’s) that my son chose just for the game ravioli…but alas they had run out of ravioli for the weekend. The food was good but the service was very slow and spotty…It seemed that they forgot us. My son had to settle for the mixed grill…tonnes of meat with the best being the beef rib with lots of meat and flavour.

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