Been there, Scene it, Done it

Last Saturday was the annual Glebe garage sale where a large number of people gather to buy people’s used and unwanted stuff. It is a good excuse to go for a walk on a nice but cold morning and hone your bargaining skills. Officially starting at 8AM but realistically you need to be there at 7:30 to get parking. I would suggest parking out at the edge of the Glebe so you can leave easily at noon.

As always, one of the most interesting things to note is what items are passe. This year, it seems that everyone was trying to sell off the “Scene It” game. I saw it being sold from at least a dozen houses. Wii games and accessories were also very popular (or unpopular depending on your perspective) as was this particular coffee maker that we saw at 3 houses within the same block!

We started on Renfrew and worked our way into the middle of the Glebe. The most crowded zones were near the churches and schools that had multiple vendors and tables and of course Bank Street.

The sale was very useful the last couple of years when my son was between the ages of 3 to 7 where toys and more kid stuff was always of interest. It seems now my son has reached an age where he ignores most of the toys and is now looking at books and comic books. We still were able to buy a quality pair of ski boots for my son next year so maybe the sale wasn’t so much a bust.

Afterwards, we went to Pressed for waffle brunch; a place that my son wanted to visit since he saw it on “You Gotta Eat Here” Food network show. We had tried the previous week but we were too early (35 min too early). Apparently they open at 10AM on weekends. Would have been nice if they had their hours posted somewhere on the door. Brunch is served from 10 AM – 2PM on weekends. We got there around 12:30PM. It wasn’t too busy; there were still one or two tables open. My husband ordered the Pulled Brisket with curds and gravy waffle, I ordered the bacon,apple and cheddar waffle and my son ordered the eggs benedict waffle.

The portions are large but…the waffles were chewy…I was expecting light, fluffy know the ones where they whipped the egg whites separately to lighten up the batter. The waffles we made from a mix (where you add milk, oil and eggs) were fluffier because I separated the eggs and whipped the whites.

I quite enjoyed the bacon, apple and cheddar topping on my waffle. This was the only one that came with syrup.

The poached eggs on the eggs benedict were nicely soft cooked but I think there was too much vinegar in the water as my son could taste the sour in the egg white. The hollandaise sauce was good…more lemony and acidic and not as buttery rich as Cafe Cognac but still good.

The pulled brisket had a lot of sauce with a strong taste of cumin which reminded us of a mild chili.

For a coffee shop, I still wish they had a better tea selection that just Bigelow’s teas especially at 2 dollars a pot. The cappuccinos were ok but nothing special.

The waffle menu concept is a good one and unique in Ottawa, however, we were very disappointed in the quality of the waffle which should have been the highlight of the brunch dishes.

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