Unstyled Eggs

This weekend, my family and I decided to try a new breakfast place in Centrum in Kanata called EggStyle. We had a groupon for this place which made it more enticing to try.

Walking in, the place was bright and quite large for a breakfast/lunch place. The menu and style reminded me of Cora’s.

My husband and I ordered the 2 eggs with sausage breakfast and my son ordered the classic eggs benedict with the cheese hollandaise sauce (There were 4 choices of hollandaise sauce..classic, cheese, chive, and dill). My eggs were soft poached and my husband’s eggs were easy over.

Now for the good. The presentation of the plates were very nice especially with the large array of fruit that came with the eggs benedict. All the eggs were done perfectly. The homefries were pan fried and had some nice flavour due to the addition of the green onions. The addition of the apples sauted in cinnamon was a nice touch. The service was extremely attentive.

Now for the bad. The sausage patties were lukewarm and tasteless…it needed some type of spice (thyme, rosemary) and seasoning. The hollandaise sauce was just awful. It was thin, there was no egg taste and definitely no butter in that sauce. My son said my mother-in-law’s hollandaise sauce is better (you know the one from Knorr package). The latte came from a machine and tasted as if it was powder instant.

The pricing was pretty high for what you get. They make their money on the drinks with the Earl Grey tea costing 2.45. So a two egg and meat breakfast would set you back 9 dollars.

It was certainly a lunchbag letdown.


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  1. Rick says:

    The Cappuccino was rather disappointing. I can live through a lot of mediocre food if I have a good capp. Next time, I will remember to look for a real machine before saying “yes”.

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