The Face of Dolly

We were fortunate enough to join a bunch of our old curling buddies (former team mates) for dinner at Stoneface Dolly’s on Preston after sparing for them one Monday evening. The menu is an eclectic bistro with a slant towards italian. My son was very hungry that evening..he ordered an appetizer and a main course. Note that there is no kids menu at this place but they were very willing to make a simple pasta with butter and parmesan. The appetizer we had was the beef ravioli in a brown butter with roasted garlic. Apparently, the beef ravioli was very tasty; I can’t comment as my son would not depart with any for me to try (I would say that was a good sign). I was able to snag some roasted garlic cloves that garnished the dish…very nutty and sweet. I ordered the bototie (chicken); it came in a phyllo bowl with a nice salad and rice. The rice was a little underdone for my taste…too crunchy. The bototie was ground chicken in light curry.

My husband had the jambalaya. He described it as excellent. The portions were a fair size. Definitely not on the small size.

Dessert was the chocolate peanut butter pie….that was extremely rich and required sharing amongst the three of us so we would burst.

Overall a very pleasant experience. A definite repeater.

One other note is that it is featured in one of this season’s episodes of “You gotta eat here” ; this excited my son even more as he loves watching the show and always wants us to go to the featured restaurant. For example, this weekend at the Grey Cup we have to go visit Hadleys for their mac ‘n cheese because it was on the show. I guess that will be my next post.:)


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