Meat, Music, and Pig Skin (Day 2)

The Saturday was a day for my son. This time we had to have breakfast at another restaurant that was featured on “You’ve got to eat here” called Hadley’s. It is on 940 College Street near Ossington. It is a little west out of our way but…man the food was good. It is a small restaurant with about 10 tables and an open kitchen. Since we were there because of the show, we had to order featured items. This included the mac and cheese, the “remedy” and the fried chicken on french toast. No one was disappointed in their choices. The “remedy” consists of 2 deep fried poached eggs on top of beans, pulled pork and hash browns topped with hollandaise sauce. Real maple syrup was the topping on the fried chicken french toast.






The afternoon was filled with a visit to the Toronto Zoo. It was community appreciation day so admission was on 5 dollars each. What a deal! We went into the enclosed pavilions to see the monkeys to warm up. But at the end of the day we watched the feeding of the polar bears.

That night was filled with music. Kim Mitchell performed for two hours in the Molson concert series. We again got premium standing room requiring our ear plugs. This time we brought the good camera.

After Kim Mitchell, in the TigerCat room beside, we were treated to some Great Big Sea. The doors to the room were open so you could see them play from the hall; we were still very close and didn’t want to pay 20 dollars each to be up close (since we missed some of the concert due to listening to Kim Mitchell).

To top that off…outside on the stage was another Canadian band, Nickelback.



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