Meat, Music and Pig Skin (Day 3)

Grey Cup day finally. We basically had two meals that day…continental breakfast at the hotel and grazing on snacks at a pre-game party at a bar/bowling alley near the stadium.

The food was pricey at Rogers Center. A soft drink was 5 dollars and you didn’t get a souvenir cup with at price you needed to pay 9 dollars for that. At least the beer selection included Heinkein and was a better deal at 9 dollars for a tall boy.

Sad comment the evening before while we were riding up the escalator beside two of the BC Lion cheerleaders…she said, “I never felt more like I a piece of meat”. The festivities were definitely geared to the men!

Here are some pictures from our seats of the game. The game was not very good as the Argos tromped all over the Stampeders. We never even got to see the running of the horse. Burton Cummings was horrible singing the anthem. Justin Beiber was just the wrong half time act for the demographics attending the game. Did they boo, I don’t know as we went for a walk because they positioned the stage so half the stadium couldn’t see. You had to be at the 45 yard line and better to see the half time show.





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